New addition to our management team! Welcome Óscar de Rivas!

Óscar de Rivas García del Pozo joins Otero Group as Director of the Expansion and Planning Area with the mission of identifying and detecting new business opportunities.

Otero Group thus continues with its commitment to contributing talent and knowledge to all the main areas of the company, although its contribution to the company will mainly be its main engine: construction and real estate development. Before his arrival at Otero Group, Óscar worked in important first-level construction and developer companies for more than 20 years, occupying Management positions, which is why he has a great vision for the creation of new strategic lines of business, with high capacities, for the search of great real estate opportunities, their analysis and development, whether residential, hotel, tertiary or industrial, in addition to having extensive experience in managing teams for the construction of any type of property.

For Óscar, his arrival at Otero Group is an exciting challenge. “I am coming to a fresh, dynamic, ambitious and growing company. I also have a team that perfectly combines youth and experience, which will allow us to achieve important challenges for the group,” says Óscar. Oscar is a Technical Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and has an MBA and a Master’s degree in Big Data & Data Science.

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